If anyone desires to invest in our projects or to partner with us, please follow these instructions below:

Donate by PayPal

If anyone wants to donate immediately towards some of our special projects, please click on the PayPal icon .(NOTE: The PayPal account is under James Blackmon, my first name) For all credit card donations, please follow the instructions for the "click and give" below. Thank you for your prayers and financial help.

To invest using a credit card, please click on “CLICK AND GIVE” and then click on "NEW ACCOUNT" and follow the instructions. Central Missionary Clearinghouse (CMC) has setup online giving for Grace Outreach Ministries Asia (GOMA).

  1. (If you have not created an account, please click on "NEW ACCOUNT" ) Enter your name, email address and then choose a password.  Please write the password down and file it away. 

  2. Wait for an email to be sent to you then respond as instructed. (This should take about 1-5 minutes)

  3. Once you have your account information, logon to the CMC site by clicking here. At the top of the page click on give (the icon looks like a check).  If you would like to have a auto monthly debit, please click on the circle icon and follow the instructions. (NOTE: By having your own account, you are in control of when and how much to give. Thank you again!).

  4. Click on "add gift" and enter your bank or credit/debit card information. (NOTE: This is a secure site and your information will remain secure).Then in the "giving details" window, click on the "select account" drop-down window and choose "Blackmon, Alan " .  Blessings!

  5. If you already have an account, just click on "Click to Give" and give by clicking on the icon "CHECK" or the "CIRCLED ARROW" to setup a monthly debit. STEP BY STEP WITH SCREEN CAPTURES TO HELP YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS... CLICK HERE

All donations are tax deductable

Thank you again for your prayers and your financial support!