Vision for the Philippines

Lipa City is the Philippine headquarters for Grace Outreach Ministries Asia (GOMA) and is located approximately 1.5 hours south of Manila. GOMA was founded for the purpose of encouraging the oppressed and to give hope to the abandoned.


According to the census bureau in the Philippines, approximately 10-11% of its 8 million plus population are working outside of the country. Thousands of Filipino workers are living in many of the ministry areas of GOMA. We are refocusing our efforts to disciple and send Filipino workers into many of the persecuted areas of Southeast Asia.

By training a mission force here in the Philippines, we will have a stronger mission outreach in Cambodia, Vietnam, and other areas of Asia.  With the use of discipleship materials from the Way of the Master, GOMA will be able to train and send workers to the mission field with confidence and support.  We are now “partnering” with local Philippine ministries to accomplish the task.

GOMA will also continue with the feeding centers for the orphaned or abandoned children of the Philippines. We are working with several local churches that have the same vision as GOMA. There are approximately 1.5 million children living on the streets, graveyards, gutters, and dumpsites. Many of the local churches in the Philippines are catching the vision to reach out and help give food, clothing, shelter, and an education to these children.


As we continue doing God's will here in the Philippines, please keep us in prayer. Every day is a challenge and a blessing. A challenge because we have taken the responsibility to see the believers mature into responsible examples of God's grace, and a blessing because we see God provide both the strength and the finances to do what He has called us to do.

GOMAsia will be in the USA from 15 February 2016 until 28 July 2016. If anyone is interested in hearing about the work in Asia, please contact us at to reserve a date. House groups, churches, and business groups are welcomed to contact GOMAsia for a meeting.